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Environmental Policy

We at James E Smith (Northern) Ltd, recognise that we have a responsibility to the environment and this policy is written to confirm our commitment to the protection of the environment.

It is the policy of James E Smith (Northern) Limited to provide its customers with a high quality of service and product at all times and in doing so we will complete our company objectives in an environmentally responsible manner.

We recognise that our operations, and those of our suppliers, do have an impact on the environment and our main causes of concern arise from the use of raw materials, chemical treatments, energy use and production and disposal of waste. We will regularly assess how these operations affect the environment and we will continually seek ways to improve these operations ensuring that all environmental targets are met.

The company will comply with all relevant current environmental legislation and regulations and will continually review and assess all new regulations to ensure our compliance. We will have correct managerial, technical and administrative controls in operation at all times to ensure that processes, work practices, materials and products meet prescribed environmental legislation.

It is our policy to train all personnel to understand how their individual duties impact on the environmental and to encourage them to support and apply the sections of the company environmental policy that is relevant to their activities.

Our policy includes continual liaison with our suppliers and customers to ensure that environmental performances are constantly assessed and upgraded to maintain the objectives and targets we have set ourselves.