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Speciality Softwoods


Western Red Cedar

One of the easiest timbers to work with, its straight grain and uniform texture makes Western Red Cedar one of the easiest timbers to work. It planes and sands very clearly; it’s easy to saw, machine, nail and it glues well with a range of adhesives.

Siberian Larch

Siberian Larch is commonly used for cladding and joinery. In fact it has been used in construction for centuries and in Russia it is quite common to find buildings constructed from Larch dating back 800 years. It is ideal for exposed elevations or where there are likely to be knocks or scrapes as it is very hardwearing.


As a result of the Thermowood process the typical characteristics of softwoods are improved to levels often found in tropical hardwoods; i.e. high durability and excellent stability. These properties are consistent throughout the entire cross section.

Clear Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is best known for its tough fibre, dense grain structure and strength. Appreciated by designers and architects alike it has a rich visual quality that responds to fine craftsmanship and finishing.